Monday, June 14, 2010

Silent Reading Review

I read a lot of amazing books this year but the one that i think is the best and most thought out book so far would have to be the book Tricks by: Ellen Hopkins. I haven't finished reading it yet but so far it is a very well written book that I have enjoyed and think others would enjoy just as much.
This book is about 4 kids that don't have it necessarily easy but find a way to make it better. They don't give up instead they work it out and find the best in the worst of situations. They take it one step at a time.
I think anyone would be able to read this book as long as you understand the form of how it's written. It's written in a poetic form but the chapter titles are the first sentence and the names at the top of the page are the characters that are talking at that point. It's a fairly long book because of the poetic writing it's about 600+ pages but a quick read.

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