Monday, June 14, 2010

How this describes my freshmen year

This picture describes my Freshmen year in this class because at the beginning of the year I was off to a great smooth start I was doing great but then after the first quarter I started to slip so I fell into a hole that through out the second quarter I was pulling myself out of and I kept slipping and falling through the second and third quarters then finally in the fourth quarter I climbed out of the holes I kept falling in and now I'm on the flat again in the grass and off the mountain of ups and downs, falls and flies, and now I'm on flat and I can catch my breath and stay calm.

What Poetry Friday Has Done

Poetry Friday has actually turned into one of those few days I wake up in the morning and say "YES!" because I get to write poetry that day. I think if it weren't for poetry Friday I wouldn't have started writing again and now i have tons of poems and my own personal blogger just for all my poetry. I think we should have a poetry class whenever our class is whether we have you on a blue or gold day it would be a poetry Thursday and Friday. It has made me my own person because I am able to find myself in the poems and think about what it is I'm trying to say at that moment. I think we should have more poetry in our years of high school and should do more with it when it comes to the poetry unit in class.

Freshmen Year Reflection

This year I think was the best year in English because I have grown as a reader and writer but also as a poet because of the poetry unit we did got me back into writing poetry again and now i have a blogger of my own that has almost 45-50 poems in it. Next year I would like to study poetry more in depth like maybe do a project to pick a poet and research them and talk about what their life was like and what some of their poems are. But then on the other hand of that i think we should do more SSR because that has helped my reading get better I have been reading more, so I can read more books for SSR and get a better grade.

Silent Reading Review

I read a lot of amazing books this year but the one that i think is the best and most thought out book so far would have to be the book Tricks by: Ellen Hopkins. I haven't finished reading it yet but so far it is a very well written book that I have enjoyed and think others would enjoy just as much.
This book is about 4 kids that don't have it necessarily easy but find a way to make it better. They don't give up instead they work it out and find the best in the worst of situations. They take it one step at a time.
I think anyone would be able to read this book as long as you understand the form of how it's written. It's written in a poetic form but the chapter titles are the first sentence and the names at the top of the page are the characters that are talking at that point. It's a fairly long book because of the poetic writing it's about 600+ pages but a quick read.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

acrostic eulogy

I wrote this to represent the death of Romeo and Juliet. They lived for each others love and when they died their love died with them so now with the death of them their parents lost the hate of each other and found peace within but now they are forever guilty because if they weren't fighting their children would still be alive.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

acrostic eulogy

Done with

Eternal guilt




Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Romeo and Juliet Pictures

(left) I chose this for my picture that represents Romeo because it shows he is blue and Juliet is pink and he has to get through the Capulet family to get to his one love. But they are very tough and it will take a lot to get there but he is willing to take the risks and sacrifice his life for her love.

I chose this picture for Juliet because she is always crossing paths with her love (Romeo) but yet she never relized that she would find her soul mate in the one person her family hates. But yet she will do anything to be with him. (right)