Tuesday, March 29, 2011

book review: lovely bones by: Alice Sebold

Lovely Bones by: Alice Sebold is about a girl that is brutally raped and murdered. This book is extremely touching. I haven't finished this book yet but it's a book that I am going to finish it's very moving. I would recommend this book to teens and anyone who likes mystery or anyone who likes weird and odd books.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

book review; Jumping off Swings

Jumping Off Swings by: Jo Knowles
This book is a very heart filled novel about a teenager that is pregnant but she doesn't know just what she is going to do about it. Is she going to keep it put it up for adoption or have an abortion?
I loved this book it had me hooked till the end and I felt like I was there through the whole thing with Ellie (the main character). I felt her pain and excitements. This book is a book I would recommend for teenage girls or older women that is interested in reading about pregnancies.
It is a fairly short book. It has 230 pages and is a very quick read. Every chapter is told from 3 different characters point of view.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World AID's Awareness Day, December 1

1. In 2008, an estimated 83,000 people were living with HIV in the UK.
2. There are estimated to be over 22,400 people living with HIV in the UK who are unaware of their infection
3. In 2008, approximately 950,000 HIV tests were carried out in sexual health clinics.
4. 7,298 people have so far been reported as newly diagnosed with HIV during 2008 but the final figure may be higher.
5. In 2008 less than 1% of people with HIV died.
6. In 2008, an estimated 34,600 men who have sex with men were living with HIV in the UK.
7. In 2008, an estimated 29,200 black Africans were living with HIV in the UK.
8. In 2008 there were 1,780 black Caribbean people in the UK living with a diagnosed HIV infection and accessing HIV care.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Myanmar summary

In Myanmar the military is holding an election for a leader. They are doing this with political repression and systematic violence. It seems like a great start to renew things after 20 years of no elections, right? Wrong, they aren't really going to let them vote and the citizens will be put in jail if they say what they think should happens with the "election". There are still 2200 people still in jail for expressing what they feel. The "three freedoms" of expression, peaceful assembly, and association are what will either put them in jail or get them killed.

In the United States I think we should be able to vote at the age of 16 because by the time we are 16 we will have been around it enough and will be able to put in a reasonable opinion. I think people value the right to vote pretty well because they are mature enough to understand it more and the importance of the right to vote. I think it is very important to engage in the responsibilities as an American citizen.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Buzz: Story of a Girl By: Sara Zarr

So Story of a Girl is about a girl that had sex with a senior and got caught by her Dad and since then she has been getting made fun of at school and when she got into the high school everyone knew who she was before she could even get through the doors because the guy told everyone what happened even about her father catching them. She didn't get a chance to tell her story because nobody believed her. now her dad won't talk to her but she still has her best friend and she got to tell someone her side when a new girl moved to their school.
This book so far has been an absolutely amazing book and I would recommend this book to anyone.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How this describes my freshmen year

This picture describes my Freshmen year in this class because at the beginning of the year I was off to a great smooth start I was doing great but then after the first quarter I started to slip so I fell into a hole that through out the second quarter I was pulling myself out of and I kept slipping and falling through the second and third quarters then finally in the fourth quarter I climbed out of the holes I kept falling in and now I'm on the flat again in the grass and off the mountain of ups and downs, falls and flies, and now I'm on flat and I can catch my breath and stay calm.

What Poetry Friday Has Done

Poetry Friday has actually turned into one of those few days I wake up in the morning and say "YES!" because I get to write poetry that day. I think if it weren't for poetry Friday I wouldn't have started writing again and now i have tons of poems and my own personal blogger just for all my poetry. I think we should have a poetry class whenever our class is whether we have you on a blue or gold day it would be a poetry Thursday and Friday. It has made me my own person because I am able to find myself in the poems and think about what it is I'm trying to say at that moment. I think we should have more poetry in our years of high school and should do more with it when it comes to the poetry unit in class.