Friday, January 22, 2010

My Thoughts About Grief Girl by: Erin Vincent

I think Grief Girl is a good book if you haven't just lost a family member. If you have I wouldn't suggest you read this book until you have got over the death completely. But other then that it's a great book and i would suggest it to anyone. It is a great book and very well thought out. I really appreciate the illustrations the book draws out. It is very descriptive and planned very well. The most shocking part about this story is it's not a story it's true this really happened to Erin Vincent.
The plot of the book is about a girl whose parents got into an accident her mother died right away and her father lived for about a month then died. They were killed crossing the road by a truck. Her life change in the split second that she got the news about her parents. Her older sister was instantly changed to become a mother/guardian of her and her little brother.
I would recommend this book to mostly teenage girls so they can see that what they have is more then most people and to put them in Erin's shoes so they know how she felt when she got the news that her parents were dead.
This book was 306 pages of fun sadness and pure shock. "The priest says his "ashes to ashes" speech as they lower Dad into the hole next to Mum."

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