Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World AID's Awareness Day, December 1

1. In 2008, an estimated 83,000 people were living with HIV in the UK.
2. There are estimated to be over 22,400 people living with HIV in the UK who are unaware of their infection
3. In 2008, approximately 950,000 HIV tests were carried out in sexual health clinics.
4. 7,298 people have so far been reported as newly diagnosed with HIV during 2008 but the final figure may be higher.
5. In 2008 less than 1% of people with HIV died.
6. In 2008, an estimated 34,600 men who have sex with men were living with HIV in the UK.
7. In 2008, an estimated 29,200 black Africans were living with HIV in the UK.
8. In 2008 there were 1,780 black Caribbean people in the UK living with a diagnosed HIV infection and accessing HIV care.

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