Monday, March 22, 2010

depression picture

Who: This is a man. His name is Cleon. He is about forty five.
When: It is mid-spring and he is a single father trying to take care of his four children.
Where: He is in his home/shed.
What: He is trying to feed all four of his kids on his own. He has very little food and no money so he isn't eating anything so his kids don't starve. He is thinking about how he will get more food without any money and four kids.
How: When the depression came in he lost everything he had. His wife died of lack of food and his children are just getting by he hasn't had a good meal in a few weeks. He is thinking about stealing food from the nearest farm so he and his kids can eat.
Why: He keeps going so he can make sure his kids will make it out of this. He wants to make sure they have a great life unlike he had.

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